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CDJ2000nxs BPM erratically changing!?

Hi folks,

Can i kindly ask for some assistance on an issue I am having on my CDJ. I understand there may be already a solution for this problem on the forum but i could not find anything and I am under time pressure to get a solution. If there is a solution already on the forum please add a link cheers ;)

Here is my problem - when some tracks are loaded onto my CDJ and when the track has an intro at the start without any beat or even in a break of a track half way through where there is no beat, the BPM shifts dramatically either down or up? Then the strange thing is when the beat drops back in after the intro or break is done the track returns to the normal BPM that is set. 

I have tried my tracks on more than one set CDj's with the same issue? Because it is happening on both sets of decks I am now looking at my Rekordbox settings but I am a bit lost what to do? 

Both sets of CDJ' are using the most updated firmware and I have tried using the PRO Link and USB but still have the problem.

Any help is appreciated!




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Be sure that if the track has a consistent electronic percussion that you analysed the song in NORMAL mode and not DYNAMIC mode, which is for songs with a live drummer where the tempo can vary from bar to bar.

This is the #1 reason a wandering tempo will occur and most DJs don't even realize that's what's happened. You can select your songs within rekordbox and reanalyse them after having changed the analysis mode in the preferences. Once that's done, re-export the songs.

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