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Rekordbox & CDJ/XDJ Don't Like Some WAVs

Hi there,

I've search over and I cannot find this issue replicated or talked about anywhere, however, other DJ's I know are having this issue.

I am on a Windows machine and all my WAV's are 44.1 kHz 16-bit, even some of the files that I do receive in 24-bit, I convert to 16-bit in case I encounter an older player at a venue. However, I have CDJ 2k NXS2 and XDJ 1k MK1's and it seems that Rekordbox just 'doesn't like' some WAV's for whatever reason. Sometimes I'll go to pick a track on a Nexus 2 player and it will tell me 'File type unsupported' - the file isn't corrupted, my USB is fine, and the files are 1411 kbps (44.1 kHz / 16-bit) and of course, after it's not supported Rekordbox flags the file which means it can't be played again. 

Anyone else experience this issue?

Thanks ! :) 

Cameron Beattie

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We've found a few WAVs with the wrong encoding flags set in their metadata, if you want to email one of the files for testing I can take a look - forums@pioneerdj.com.

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