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New MacBook Pro getting crazy hot after ten minutes.

Ten minutes after finally getting my new MB audio drivers working on my ddj1000 my MB was too hot to hold! Is this a common thing? I’m new to Mac so any help would be great! MacBook pro 15” 2019 2.6ghz i7 16 gb 2400 mhz ddr4 radeon pro 555x 4 gb 512 gb ssd. DDJ1000 latest firmware. Sorry for syntax and grammar. On phone. 


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Not at all. I even stopped and waited till the next day. Used it in performance mode without my controller but still on stand. Within ten minutes my new MB
started getting hot not just underneath but my touch strip and keyboard. I shut it down. Called Apple and their safety department has informed me that this is a ongoing issues! Their safety tech is a Dj and cannot use theirs either. They actually told me to use my Windows based laptop!! Till this is fixed. Whatever is going on when running Rekordbox the fans on the MB won’t come on. And as soon as Rekordbox is shut down there is a immediate cool down.

I cannot risk my 3000 dollar laptop on this. Especially after my ddj 1000 broke in less than 6 months. I’m not too impressed about that with no closer service to me than NJ or NY. But back to the software. My MacBook fans do work. Just not when rekordbox is running! So hot that the safety department at Apple suggest using a windows machine till it’s solved. Great. Spend big money on good gear but yet this good gear sucks lol

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