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Another let down!

I have purchased and recieved my 1000srt deck. The first time using it, No problem. But the 2nd day, in my set in the club, Deck 1 began sounding like the high pass filter was activated, no bass, sounding like it was coming from a horn, the whole night, so I had to switch over to deck 3 to get some normal sound. Deck 2 played with no problems. Tonight, 2 days later Im practicing, powered up, everything sounding good for about 5 mins, now deck 1 is sounding like a horn, no bass what so ever, and deck 2 began sounding like a horn also but not as high as deck 1, more treble like. Adjusting the EQ on the deck did nothing, I powered down, no luck. Deck 3 and 4 sound great, but for how long. Also the master control, when turned down, creates a very loud pop as if the deck was powered down. I chose this Controller as a back up to my DDJ sx3 which i'm having problems with also The pdm board,???  the right jog wheel acts like its stuck in Slip mode, no response to my touch, 2 months after my warranty expired. 1 month after the left one was replaced for the same issue. I think this might be a sign to start rocking with another Controller brand like Roland. 


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