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DDJ-400 with WeDJ iPad / iOS?

Before I make my purchase - Is the DDJ-400 compatible with the WeDJ mobile app?

I’m hoping there’s the ability to control the iPad version of WeDJ as a more mobile option that can use the Beatport link streaming service like RekordBox without worrying about killing my laptop that my actual career depends on.

I know it recently works with Djay... however I surprisingly can’t find any info about WeDJ other than a general article about MIDI mapping as a workaround to app with third party controllers.

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No, sorry, the DDJ-400 does not work with the WeDJ app, only the DDJ-200, DDJ-WeGO3 and DDJ-WeGO4 do.

The DDJ-400 will work with other iOS apps such as djay and edjing.

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Did you find an answer to this?

I am on the fence between DDJ-200 and DDJ-400, and compatibility with the WeDJ app is a requirement. 

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