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DDJ 400 MIDI sysex message to dump all CC values?

I'm currently adding support for the DDJ 400 to a third party DJ application. It's working great, however there's some missing functionality from Rekordbox I can't replicate.

When starting Rekordbox, all the controller fader/knob values in software immediately refresh to match the hardware positions. I assume since this is a class compliant device that there is just some MIDI sysex message I need to send to the controller from the DJ application to tell it to resend all its current CC values. I dug through the Rekordbox application config files and also looked through the Pioneer MIDI mapping guide for the DDJ 400 but couldn't see anything.

How does Rekordbox refresh the state of all the controller faders/knob positions on startup? Thanks!

Michael Davies

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Never mind, figured it out! There was indeed a sysex message I needed to send from my application.

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