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Switching back from CDJ's to controller

Hi everyone,

1 year ago I bought a pair of XDJ1000's MKII and a DJM450 to learn how to use cdjs and a mixer, I loved them and still do but I ran into a problem.I don't have space or time to set them up and practice, so I end up only playing on them when I have gigs (2-3 time per month) and that I think is enough but I do think that for the use that I give to the equipment is kinda of a waste of money. So I thought buying something along the lines of the xdj rx 2 would be much simpler to setup at home and in gigs and I would earn some money to invest in other things like some better headphones or just to save it up. Anyone wants to help me out here?

Lourenço Areia

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