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BUGS with 1.07 firmware for DDJ 1000 - need to downgrade

Hello i upgraded fw of DDJ 1000 to latest version, without any worry because last two fw updates were without problem. But result:

- saved hotcus colors changed to blue, new made ar in CDJ green mode green as they should be, when you go to settings  to change it to CDJ green again, the blue ones are corrected but in new track they are blue again

- beat loops colors of pad changed to too and turn yellow only after using them

- several times disapered waveformand cover art from jog lcd, there is only empty space :((( when you reload track its back, but when you playing track out, you have problem

I dont have 1.06 anymore to downgrade, please give it to me, i dont want to use this buggy fw :(


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