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Volume knob

DDJWEGO 4 MASTER VOLUME AND KNOB Hello darlings! 3 problems. Problem 1: DDJWEGO4 not having the right sound level through master outputs - for some reason when using ( a lot of different cables that works on other pioneer players ) I suddenly cannot get the right amount of sound level through my master output plugs. When getting the sound through my laptop AUX it has the right level but it does not work with the big speakers where there is only the red and white cables ( no idea what the name is in english for them ) Problem 2: My left side filter knob (when using the Master output cables) controls the level of volume for some weird reason. right side filter knob works fine. but left side starts putting the volume up and down instead Problem 3: I cannot use the master volume knob and it does not work. I use both Rekordbox and DJAY Pro. Same problem on both. Never had issues before. this happend from one day to another.
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