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4 Deck setup Rekordbox


I've recently purchased the DDJ200 to use in a 4 deck setup with my 2x Xdj1000s and my DJM900SRT mixer. With the new DDJ200 I have access to Rekordbox dj however when I try use my 4 deck setup my mixer isn't being picked up? 

My setup as follows all plugged in vis USB. 

DDJ 200 DECKS 1 & 2

XDJ1000 DECKS 3 & 4 

I'm trying to get my DDJ200 to control decks 1 & 2 but come through channel 1 on my djm900srt. 

With my XDJs being plugged into mixer coming through channels 2 & 3. 

Again all my connections is via USB and I only have the free rekordbox DJ license that comes with the DDJ200, also the DDJ200 is connected at all times. 

I can control all 4 decks and in performance mode unfortunately I'm not getting any audio or play back via any channels. I've tried using djpro and tractor and both platforms work so I know the connections are fine.

I suspect It could be due to a licensing conditions (DDJ1000 and SRT900) do not have a license but the DDJ200 does?  


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@Collins > Sorry, the DDJ-200 is not intended for use in combination with a DJM; as a result, they fight for how the software functions and routes audio. Unfortunately we can't support any configuration in such a manner.

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