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Make laptop screen look like the screen on a CDJ ie "club practice mode"

Controllers like the DDJ-400 make transitioning from home DJ to club easier because they are laid out in a similar way to the CDJ's we find in a club - however the layout of the controls is only one part of the UI - the screen is a very important aspect of UI.

There are many differences difference between the Rekordbox performance mode screen and the screen on CDJs - this makes it hard for DJs to transition from home to club use.

Please may we have a "club practice mode" or "CDJ display mode" in rekordbox so when we practice on our laptops we can get used to a screen that closely resembles the one we will have on CDJ's in a club

ie enable our laptops display this sort of screen https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/user_images/LtnZYj9Kerdijzc7dWjF-Q.jpeg 

In this way we can make the transition from practicing on a laptop to performing in a club much easier as the screens we get in a club will be familiar to us.



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