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Quantizing Loops but not hots cues - Quantize options ???

Hi I've seen someone post this option before wondering if any changes have been made?


Ive just purchased the XDJ-XZ and I'm wondering if it is possible to ONLY use the quantize function for looping and not on the Hot Cues. Don't think I've ever used quantize on cues. Cues are defo better when triggered immediately as the last post suggested.

This is possible in Traktor which I also use. They have a Snap and Quantize feature.     

Dean Griffith

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@Dean > Sorry, per page 116 in the manual, the quantize function is not capable of being set for only beatmatching / looping functions; it would affect hot cues as well. You could always set the quantize value down to 1/8th of a beat, and that may suffice depending on how you use your hot cues.

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