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Best Intermediate Controller? I Want to "Downgrade" from SZ2

Hi all,

I've been bedroom DJing for a while now, and recently graduated from the DDJ-SB3 to the DDJ-SZ2. I was excited to get it, as it has a massive amount of features, but I'm starting to regret my decision.

1) It's massive
2) It's expensive (still paying it off)
3) I'm seeing a lot of smaller controllers, with nearly as many features, for much less coin.

If I had a big ol' house I would probably just keep this thing and buy something like 1000SRT or SX3, but I have a one bedroom in NYC. Would rather downsize to something a little cheaper until I want to get CDJs. So I guess my question is - what's the right controller for me?

I want 4 channels, enough features to accomodate a deep house/techno mix, with DVS and CDJ add-on capabilities. And nothing too large. I also want something that allows post fader effects from Serato.

I have my eye on the 1000SRT. Thoughts?



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The DDJ-1000SRT is a great option, but the internal Serato FX are not post-fader, you'd have to use the DDJ's onboard FX (which are fantastic, btw).

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