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DDJ RB not properly working


I have downloaded the latest version of mac OS Catalina (10.15.2). 
I have the latest version of rekordbox (5.8.1) and my licence is activated.

I have been trying to make my DDJ RB working properly for two days now. I tried and followed all the steps you were recommending in all the posts and instructions I could find on this site.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers several times, I have updated the ddj rb firmware. There are no disabled softwares in my system information.

I executed the command sudo kextcache --clear-staging (a step you recommended in a post on this forums in last november in order to give the drivers permission). No permission was asked for the drivers after I followed the next steps and reinstalled the drivers.

As I was saying, I successfully installed the drivers and updated the console (by holding shift and sync before pluggin in the USB cord), the DDJ RB is recognized by the computer and by rekordbox, yet none of the controls are working (none of the buttons are lit up when the ddj rb is plugged in except from the three effect buttons at the top of both decks and the "hotcue" and "sampler" buttons). When I press the "master" key with headphones plugged in and if I load a track and press play with my trackpad, the sound will go through. 

I apparently can remap the whole controls through the midi mapping panel but it seems unnecessarily complicated. Maybe I am doing something wrong but I don't see what it is.

Do you have a solution to offer ? This is driving me mad ! Thanks in advance for your help.

Sys Com

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