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5.8.1 was freezing frequently; reverted to 5.7. Is this the best route?

Hi there,

So as a wedding DJ, I DJ with a fairly large collection (100k+). Serato had always seem to manage it well so I assumed Rekordbox could at that volume.

At around 100K or so it didn't seem like I had any issues with 5.8.1. Then once I pushed to close to 150k, it started severely freezing every minute, indefinitely. Not sure if this was a software, computer issue or that it was the nature not to import this many. I also was unable to analyze any tracks but that's an issue others seem to be having with this version.

Either way, I reverted back to 5.7.0 and everything is running normally, with the same collection size. So perhaps it's not a native software issue but actually a version issue. Wondering if this is the best route to go or is there anything I can do with tweaking my settings for 5.8.1.

Running a 2016 MBP with Mac OS Catalina. 



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The official 5.8.2 just came out the other day, so please do give that a try first, either update through rekordbox itself or download from rekordbox.com

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try the new 5.8.2 Version this should fix the Freeze Issue 

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