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Squid USB-MIDI connectivity


is the SQUID able to control one or more synths via USB-MIDI without using a computer?  

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Hi Frank,

What devices are you trying to send MIDI signals to using SQUID'S USB port?  Is it a synth or drum machine that doesn't have a 5-pin MIDI port?

Generally speaking, SQUID's USB port is for sending MIDI and other data to a host computer only and will not directly connect to the USB input on other hardware. 

If the hardware is especially designed to be a "USB Host", it will act like a computer and receive USB MIDI signals from Squid.  Examples would be Squarp Hermod, 1010 Blackbox, iConnectivity Mio products, etc.  It's a very new function for a lot of machines to be "USB Hosts" but it is slowly becoming a feature from certain manufacturers.


Rhythm Droid
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thanks for your answer. I want to connect some synths and a modular system.

The modular can be done via the gate/cv plugs. I wanted to simplify things with the synths by using the midi over usb. I did so with Ableton Live.

Now I hope that all my synths can  be connected via MIDI in/out/thru. So i will try it with the Squid and hope it works.



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I am using this little box here: https://www.iconnectivity.com/products/midi/iconnectmidi4plus

Connected to the midi4+ is a cheap USB-hub with 7 Ports:

  1. SP-16
  2. SQUID
  3. Novation Launchpad Pro (Playing into the Squid)
  4. Akai Midimix (Mixing Tracks in the SP-16)
  5. Waldorf Blofeld
  6. spare
  7. spare

After  a little fiddling with the settings all work pretty well together.

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