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HELP!!! Beat grids are GONE.

To explain my situation. I had my old spinning hard drive fail on me to the point that  my macbook would not boot up. 

Got an SSD replacement and managed to clone all the stuff off my old hard drive to the new SSD. 

I had to relocate all the missing files (All of my music) as something had changed file name wise. That was ok. Problem is that all the beat grids are gone. All the Hot Cues and Cue Point are still there, I just have no beat grid information and no previews. I also can not analyze any track as it comes up with a warning

Track Analysis

Rekordbox can not create the analysis file in the the folder you specified in the Preferences 

Also the guy who did the SSD change for me, also change my OS from Mavericks to Mojave.

I really need to fix this ASAP as I have gigs coming soon


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When you swapped over to a new hard drive, does the new drive have a different name than the old drive, or is your user name possibly different?

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