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DDJ 800 Auto 4 beat Loop not created when pressing Loop Buttons.?


got my DDJ 800 today but I don't understand why there's no auto 4 beat loop when I press the "in/-4beat" button on the DDJ 800.

you have to hold it for 1 sec before the loop starts activating en then I don't get the loop where I want it to start  ( I can correct it with holding loop in/out button and Jogwheel and set begin and end point of loop, but that's just to much for a simple loop.

When I press the "Active loop" button the previous loop I created when track is playing is being activated.

sometimes I want the loop to begin from beginning of the track or when I want a loop in middle of track I just press the button and a 4 beat loop is auto created. it can be created with the pads and save it as a loop but that's not what I Want.

on laptop I can Activate it and it works..but how come it doesn't work this way on the controller.?

how can I get it to work (just like it's big brother DDj1000) that when I press a button the 4 beat loop is automatically activated.

Am I Missing something.?

thank you for reaction


Rekordbox version 5.8.2

Mac Os catal. 10.15.1




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@miketuin > I think it's a misunderstanding of the function of the button; the printing should help you better understand it:

The dot indicates the function of a press, the line indicates the function of a hold. Any text in a box indicates that is a shift function (hold shift and press that button).

Two dots indicates "double tap," and the curvey icon to the left of SUPER FAST SEARCH indicates that you hold one of those buttons while rotating the jog.

Confusing at first, but logical once you get it.


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the Default Mapping is like you explained , hold the "in-4Beat" Button for more than second then a 4 Beat Loop is created , when you not like it like this there are 2 Ways to workaround 

- use the PADS in "Beat Loop" Mode then you can set 4,8 , 32 Bars with just one press

- make your own mapping or change the original mapping and set Beat Loop 4 on the "in-4Beat" Button for example , or use the Keyshift Button with Mapping for example 

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ok thanks pioneer for the explanation of the buttons and its way of use.

but doesn't answer my question: I just want an automatic created 4 beat loop starting when I push a button. 

now it starts the indication point of the beginning of a loop and you manually have to enter the endpoint of the loop with the out adjust button.

hold the button (in adjust) for 1 second and only then you activate a 4 beat loop. for me that's not how I want it. 

deejaychris1978: thanks for the sugesstions! will check the mapping option.




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