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Rekordbox jumps when looping

Hello everyone. 

I am in need of help!

I have a pioneer DDJ1000 and use this with a brand new 2019 iMac (16GB Ram, Quad Core, Catalina). 

When recording mixes, the recording jumps or skips when I try and loop (i.e. if track A is playing out of master and i activate a loop on track B in headphones, track A will jump). The effect of this being that my mixes have parts where the mix jumps. It is as if the loop is making rekordbox non responsive for a split second resulting in a jump or buffer. 

My music library is saved in the icloud drive. I am not sure if this is an issue but this was also the case with my previous MacBook Pro 2013 and everything worked excellent with that. It seems as if the iMac cant cope 

I only use the iMac for Rekordbox and Logic Pro and have only used 200GB of the 1000GB available. 

Any help would be awesome!




Michael Leith

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