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SQUID - How to get Squid back to external Midi-Sync if stopped and replay?

Hello Toraiz-Support,

due to the fact, that the Squid have no Scenes like the SP-16, I have to stop PLAY-Mode, load another program and the start PLAY-Mode again.

But then, the Squid don't sync to the external MIDI-Clock again.

How can I do that?

Or maybe anyone has another idea for what I want to achieve:

  1. I have the SP-16 as MIDI-Master
  2. The Squid is in "Slave-Mode"
  3. I want to do a Live-Set which is 10 (or so) Songs long
  4. Without any pause or gaps
  5. I use the Scenes on the SP-16 for that
  6. How can I get it on the Squid?

Can anyone help me?


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I would like to know as well.
I suspect sending a midiclock start signal

Jens Kuehnemann 0 votes
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Yeah, but the SP-16 is then still playing...

So, another midiclock start signal is not possible.

Torben 0 votes
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