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Ddj-SZ-s and Dj pro 2 problem

Hey guys. Not sure if this is the right place for this but, i need help. I am using algorithm Dj pro 2 for mac softwear. They state that the sz is natively supported however, it doesn't seem to be plug and play after all. The main issue i am having is that both decks output to the same channel on the controller. Its really messed up because all the other controls work perfectly. O tried settings in the softwear and on the utility tool, both don't work. Am I forgetting something? I set the DDJ to "non serato mode" ( key lock lit instand by mode), that changed nothing. Same issues. This happen to anyone before? I just upgraded from the SX and had no issues at all. Thanks

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i came to the conclusion that the software just doesn't natively detect the device like it did with my previous SX controller. all the midi maps are messed up and insted of getting the usual "prompt" when it's connected to DJ PRO 2, it switches to "External mixer" insted. 

do i need to put the consol into a different mode before plugging it in ? is their a way to "factory reset" the entire console so i can try from scratch ?


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