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Rekordbox can't relocate my tracks


I imported my library from the internal disk of my Mac Book to a SD Card on my Mac. Then I recreated (unfortunately) the rekordbox xml and then he didn't load the tracks in my playlists. I tried today to relocate the files, which worked by the most of the tracks, but now he sais, that the tracks are already found in my library. When I want to play such a track, he can't load it, but the location of the file is correct. I removed also all the double tracks in iTunes...

Is there any possible solution to completely reorganize my rekordbox library?

Thank you for any helpful answer!

Tom Zaunbrecher

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Sorry, I'm not clear on what you did... you say you "imported" the library from the internal disk to an SD card. Did you move the database to that SD card?

Why did you try doing something with the XML file?

It sounds like the reason you're having issues with relocation is you double-imported the songs unnecessarily. I'd suggest you sort by date added, remove all the newly imported songs, then use the mass-relocation tool to find the correct location of those other songs.

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