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Moving Rekordbox Database: A Unique Case with Different MacOS

Forum/Rekordbox Team,

I've watched the great tutorial by @Pulse as well as other similar ones but have yet to find a definitive solution to my particular case, so I'm looking for some assistance.

My current Rekordbox Library is internal on my MacBook Pro (Sierra 12.6.2). My music is all located in the default folder (Users/User Name/Music/iTunes Media/Music so it's imported to my Rekordbox Collection via the iTunes file tree within Rekordbox.

What I want to do is copy and transfer all of my music from the internal machine to the internal drive of my new MacBook Pro...that is pre-loaded with Catalina/Apple Music App.

Here are my concerns:

If I were to follow the tutorial by @Pulse, I would have to delete/rename the music folder of my internal drive in order to relocate/move the database to an external drive in order to move everything. The problem is that I want to keep this old machine fully functional for gigs. My fear is that renaming/moving the Music folder of the internal drive will cause issues.

Given the way Music is handled in iTunes/Apple Music App with Catalina and since I'm moving music from a machine with an old OS to a machine with the new OS, does this change the process?

So to sum/TL;DR: how do I move my internal music library/rekordbox database from a machine with Sierra to a machine with Catalina while keeping everything on the old machine in tact? FWIW, both machines use the same version of Rekordbox and I can use either a means with an external drive to move everything or network the two machines together.

Cheers–and apologies if I've confused you all.

PS Another potential hiccup with all of this: Sierra allowed for user home folder to be named with uppercase characters, Catalina does not. So while I've used the same name on both machines, there is a difference in caps (old machine: MyMac vs new machine mymac).


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The single best way of doing this is to use the File > Library > Backup Library, include the music, copy the backup AND folder of music to the new computer, then File > Library > Restore Library, and everything will be put in place with your username being adjusted as needed.

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That shall be possible to do if I understand you situation correct.

I have wrote one very technical guide here before but was deleted by admin due it was very technical that that specific question talked about.

But the main theory is always that you need the same folder-structure on computer A as B, If not you can do magic with Symlinks in Linux (OSX) to solve that issue.


I have a system with main computer with internal HD when all music is located, and my spare Mac has an external USB HDD when the music collection is located using exact the same Rekordbox Database (no slow export is needed just copy the correct Rekordbox DB folder from computer A to B and the music collection from Computer A to USB Drive and a symlink script. that point the default folder to the USB drive and folder instead,

So you can (if you like to wrote bash scripts) more or less automate synchronisation between computer A to B. 

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Thanks @Pulse. Just to clarify, when you say "AND folder of music" you referring to the iTunes Media/Music folder and should I paste that into the "Music" folder of the new machine after Restoring the Library

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When you create a backup and tell it to also include the music, a folder is created along-side the backup file; it contains all the music - that's what you want to copy over. The restore will find it automatically when it's at the same location as the backup file.

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