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Rekordbox license doesn't allow me tu enter it RUSH

So ..Rekorbox 5.8.2 on catallina ..same problem with mojave, DDJ 1000 


Perofrmance Licence and Video license 


When i enter my PErformence key the first time ...everything went fine BUT when i go on license thumbnail ... I just See Desactivate EVERYWHERE ..there's is no buy or activate or try button ANYWHERE i've try to click on video desactivate button and after asking me userd id and password...it give me a CODE 22 Errror


So i wen't online and bought a video license .... BUT no place to enter the license key


i've try to desactivate the license...and now now place at all to enter a Key ...


DDJ 100 still work when pluged but Holy crap..already lost a LOT of money cause i'm not aple to play VIDEO 

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