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recordbox & recordbox video quality updates are needed

Recordbox video when running the video screen at full size does not respond on the second screen Recently I bought a new computer with good specifications and it doesn't let me play video due to the use I give it is a very big problem, I have tried to reinstall windows, update all the drivers even to debug the program to get the problem solved. And I can't solve it.
The only way I have been able to work is by inverting the second screen as the main one and then moving recordbox to the second screen, leaving the first one with the video window. Please solve these silly problems that don't let us work well. And put audio and video together. Thank you
I have a video and dvd recordbox license.

Comet lake Intel Core i7-10710U+HM370 +GeForce® GTX 1650 MAX Q, GDDR5 4GB

alexis castillo

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You can certainly run rekordbox on the main display and a video on full-screen on the secondary display. Please ensure that your graphics adapter is running the latest drivers from the manufacturer, not from Microsoft.

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