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DDJ 400 crossfader not working to the left

Hi, I recently bought a DDJ 400 as my first console to start learning how to be a DJ and at first I noticed something was wrong but I thought I would still learn how to use it. Now that I've seen a lot of tutorials and classes I noticed that my crossfader really seems to have a problem because it's not fading the song when I move it to the far left, and the song keeps playing. The opposite side is working properly. Can anybody help me? I tried playing one music only and two songs at the same time and the error continues. Is this a configuration thing or should I ask for a replacement?



Luciano Matos

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Hi guys, sorry for my newbie question. It was just a rekordbox configuration. The deck 2 wasn't assign on the software, just the deck 1. Please see the picture.

This might help someone learning like me.



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