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XDJ-1000 cue memory

For some reason, my XDJ-1000MK2 cannot store cue points.  

If I press <memory> nothing is saved.  Neither if I'm playing or if I am paused. 
This does nothing if I'm playing mp3s from folders on a USB (no rekordbox) or if I'm playing from Rekordbox in performance mode.

I've also noticed that any hot loops that I set with songs on USB are not stored.  If I switch to another song and switch back, the hot cues are gone. 

Are the XDJ's completely dependent on Rekordbox to save cues and hotcues?  

Daniel Anders Répondu

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@Daniel > Pressing MEMORY will store the point currently set as the MAIN DECK CUE; pressing that button repeatedly will store the same point to all the available banks, and that's likely why you're getting that error. Open the USB drive in rekordbox, load the track, and see just how many memory slots you've filled.

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Additionally, playing from usb, if I press memory when track is cued,  I get "usb full" message, even though USB has 40 GB free.

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