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XDJ-1000MK2 without rekordbox

Can you explain which functions are not available without Rekordbox?  I though I could just use mp3s on a USB; similar to how you used to use CD's.  However, I am seeing limitations:

1. The track is not analyzed quickly.  Past CDJs would analyze a new track within a few seconds.  The if I load an mp3 from my usb, it does not analyze it.  The waveform only displays if I play it through.  

2. I am not able to save cuepoints or hot cues.

Are these correct?  Anything else?

I don't always have tracks prepared on Rekordbox.  If someone gives me a usb with music on it, its limited.  Do I need to go back to CDs?  

Daniel Anders Répondu

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There are massive benefits to using rekordbox to prepare your content, I'd suggest you consider it.

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