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Setting Slicer On DDJ-400

(Sigh) Here we go again. Rekordbox Last updated version 5.8.2

So out of necessity I decided that the Ddj 400 needed a slicer mode. Since I havent been using sampler mode I decided to remap that. But there is a funny thing. So slicermode and Slicerloopmode are both different things. Since there isn't any "autoloop" function on the contoller regarding to slicer. You have to set either one of them. Or in my case both. But the funny thing is the sequent lighting pads in "slicer mode" seem to totally go crazy, not work, light all on, skip lights due to the lack of proper programming. So I will provide some cases and workarounds for the culprit.



If you set Slicerloopmode in the beginning to assign keys. Most likely when you start the mode the pads will light up sequentially and the lights will stay on forever. Even when you exit and reopen Rekordbox.


If you set slicermode the lightings and pad sequences will light up until all pad lights are on(and it will stay on forever). 

Case1 Workaround:

There is no workaround unless you do Case2 and assign another button SlicerLoopMode in that order.

Case2 Workaround:

After you have set The MIDI contoller SlicerMode, you exit and reopen the program it will work flawlessly as expected.


How to make slicerloopmode flash properly(or in this case reversably):

First you assign the sampler the slicer mode. Exit the program get back in rekordbox and assign Slicerloopmode. For my occasion it is Padfx2.

(Important Notice!: Do Not Assign multiple keys to a command for slicer mode as it will bug the controller and keep one of the pads lighted forever and the sequential lightning will get sh*t on, oh and you will have to do everything from the start "yes including the slicer mode from scratch")

So after you have set both slicer on sampler and Slicerloop on padfx2. This time you will notice that the Autoloop lighting works different. All the lights are on the sequence that it is in will be without light. Exactly the opposite for Slicer mode. For me It works I don't mind. But it took me a good 2-3 hours to find a workaround and I'm a software engineer..

      Pioneer please.. Just get it together. I literally had a technical question regarding Ddj-200 in the forums and I didn't get an answer for that its totally fine. I understand you guys are busy etc etc. But the disinformation literally made me buy it, Rma it, get a ddj 400 and now this? How can you promote streaming services when you literally dont have any application that actually streams for android? Lets keep Toys R Us where it belongs eh? And maybe employ progammers who weren't interns at Toys R Us?


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