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find correct database files when switching computers/os

hey - my old pc (win7) went down and i had to get a new one (win10)

i plugged the old sys ssd in and now i'm trying to restore my rekordbox database(s) which so far is almost done, except for the waveform analysis

what i did:
- copy over 'datafile.edb' and 'ExtData.edb' from the previous '..\AppData\Roaming\...' to the new location
- copy my music files to the exact same location as on the previous machine

i can start up recordbox, see my library and the files + cuepoints & playlists are there, but the analyzed waveform is missing

could you please tell me which file(s) holds this information so i can add them as well


edit: there is the PIONEER/USBANLZ directory which holds more files, but simply copying it over does not work - is the path to this somewhere? (i'm not afraid to edit binary files if needed)


edit2: ok, solved it with a workaround:
- created a new local user with the same name as my old win7 user
- copied the whole '..\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\...' directory over
- started rekordbox and everything was there
- moved the master db location to another drive from within rekordbox
- (optional) moved the now created PIONEER folder to my onedrive for the future
- changed the masterdb location in the rekordbox3.settings file in my win10 user to the new location

hope this can be of use for someone facing a similar problem (would still be interested which files i was missing when just copying)

MaD Mayr

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bump for information on actually needed files without workaround

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