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[SOLVED] Import CUE Point from Mixed in Key to Recordbox on Windows and MAC online

Hello, good news!

Here is the story:

As you know we can't import CUE point from Mixed in key to Recordbox and Pionieer don't what's do something with this, I found only one expensive solution for MAC but my good friend from IT fix it in a few hours! And yes it is working! This is amazing, mixed in key and pionieer can't resolve this problem but one person with determination can do it :D

If anybody be interested he can make online script and you can do it for free online on MAC and Windows system, file can be loaded on both systems.

Now I have a basic offline script but if anybody be interested he told he can do it as online application, so please write in this post if we have a few answer he can make it.

Maybe Pionieer can join here and take voice in this?

Przemysław Kozłowski Répondu

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There are plenty of 3rd party software options that can do this already.

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