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DJS-1000 & Ableton

I'm putting this in here due to the fact that Pioneer doesn't seem to have a TOPIC category for the DJS-1000??

The FAQ on this site says that midi mapping is possible with the DJS-1000 & Ableton and to contact the DAW's instructions. Yet Ableton does not have a control surface for the DJS-1000 and tells me to contact Pioneer to download a control surface which doesn't seem to exist??  Help!


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@Jenni > The DJS is a MIDI device indeed and you can map it however you want with Ableton, which is why we haven't provided any pre-configured mapping setups or as a dedicated "control surface."

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Hi Pulse,

Is there any recommended, or at least servicable mapping available? I am attempting to map a DJS-1000 myself, but after replicating the instructions found in the official thread (linked below), my DJS is still not being recognized when connected to ableton. 



Thank you!

To setup the TORAIZ SP-16 with Ableton...

1. Turn on your TORAIZ SP-16.  
2. Enter the UTILITY menu and change MIDI I/F SELECT to "USB MIDI".
3. Then, change SYNC SOURCE SELECT to "MIDI".  
4. Start Ableton Live.
5. Go Ableton preferences and set MIDI OUT to track:ON, sync:OFF, remote:OFF.
6. Play Ableton by arrangement view.    
7. You will be able to hear the sound from SP-16.  

8. Set the audio input tracks in Ableton Live for recording.


Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year as well!

Best regards,

Pioneer DJ Support

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