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Beat matching efficiency/accuracy

Hi Guys,

my first post so apologies in advance if this is not a right place to post.

I do have a general question concerning beat matching on rekordbox and DDJRB.


I am not an experienced DJ, and most of my XP comes from DDJ RB and recordbox,

I am though an experienced listener  of acid/hard/banging/groove techno and played on vinyls before with acceptable outcome, just no too much, I would say 50hrs maybe.


I am beat matching by ear, and because pitch faders are quite short on DDJRB I find it difficult to beat match for long transitions without nudging jog wheels every 16 or 32. Even if you want to match "by eye" it is very hard to get close to the actual value with a pitch fader, despite you kind of cheating.

Is this meant to be like this, so the controller is limited in some way? On Technics SL1200, where you obv can't see the bpm it seemed way easier - even if you failed to beat match before 2nd track joined, pitch fader was so accurate that a nudge and immediate amendment  to pitch fader  setting was enough to match the track for 64-128 transition. Obv fader on those is massive, I get that but is there any tip you can give me to improve that?




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