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How to reload Itunes playlist in Rekordbox?

I have now searched the net for hours so now i'll just ask...

I have a weird issue. I updated my Itunes folder so now rekordbox can't find any of the songs. Click on sync manager to sync with itunes (all my music work in Itunes) and also click the little round arrow new to Itunes in the columns to the left on the main rekordbox page. 

When I unfold the Itunes playlist in rekordbox, all my music is there but most of it have a "!" next to them. And they won't play or sync. 

If I go to collection, i can find the songs (in just one big list) and play them with no problem.

Is there anyway to make rekordbox analyze the Itunes playlist from scratch? right now rekordbox seem to got hung up on the old file locations in the playlists and just won't update.

oscar berglund

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