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Stability issues with WeDj Android

After 4 happy months of using WeDj for Android on my Huawei P30, the app begins to crash. I use WeDj as a monitor app for my DDJ-200 and often perform live with the combo, but recently the app started crashing after using it for extended periods of time (Less than 20 mins). When I load a song onto a deck, it either plays but no sound comes out (the app crashes shortly after) or it plays until the music stops without me touching the controller (the app crashes shortly after). If I try to reload the same song onto the same deck in a desperate effort to fix the issue, the entire app freezes up and crashes. I fell in love with Pioneer as well as the WeDj app because of it's convenience. Please fix this issue or give me an alternative because I would really like to stay in love with the app
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Sorry about that - unfortunately we can't guarantee functionality with Android devices:

The problem is the variety of hardware configurations and OS fragmentation by the carrier or device manufacturer.

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