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Can you tell me when there will be an update of the RB-DMX1 box for gobo support?
There have been no updates since the product was released. Would this box be abandoned by pioneer?
Thank you in advance for your return.


Benoit Levert Répondu

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There have been updates to lighting, but none for gobo support yet. There are some updates coming to the next major release, but I can't disclose any additional information at this time.

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hi There,

I am thinking of buying the RB-DMX1 but before I purchase have 2 questions :

1. Is it possible to over-ride the phrases default scenes with a static scene, in particular at the start of the event?

2. Is it possible to manually control tilt & pan functions to point moving heads at a feature eg a wedding cake?

Thank You


tonynicholls 0 votes
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It ‘s possible to use the gobos manually using the DMX Direct Control.
The problem is there are only 3 !
If at least, in performance mode, we could use the 9 of Pro Dj Link Lighting mode !
Pulse told me it was due to lack of space in the interface but I think it is possible to modify the interface so that all DMX Direct Control can be used. Perhaps with the 3 current accesses but with a drop-down menu to be able to change the controls ...
Please can you implement the 9 DMX Direct Control in performance mode ... Thank you.


Prokuniev 0 votes
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Buongiorno a tutti vi chiedo un aiuto ho acquistato RB-DMX1 ed ho riscontrato un problema .

Non c'e' un manuale in Italiano ma solo in Inglese dove specifica come utilizzare il prodotto con rekordbox.

chiedo un aiuto x avere ilmanuale In Italiano

Angelo Dj 0 votes
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