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DDJ 1000 Pitch fader resolution and display information

The jog display would highly benefit from displaying a second decimal point or at least have the option to choose since you would look less at the laptop screen and more at the controller and crowd. Also pitch percentage value on jog shows different value than laptop screen on latest version of rekordbox and latest firmware of ddj 1000.

Second is there any way we can change the pitch resolution for 10% range? To justify this question i'll try to explain:

If you try to beatmatch by ear at 10% range (standard range i use on other cdj gear also), i’ve noticed the pitch fader only adjusts in 0.02 increments, depending on the pitch movement it either displays odd or even decimal endings. This in turn, makes it hard to beatmatch since it’s hard to catch that exact value since one track will be 120.01 and the other 120.02, so they will drift, also if you try to adjust either pitch fader you still won’t catch a 120.01 unless you sort off ‘wiggle’ (for lack of a better word) the pitch fader, from which point it will continue to adjust in 0.02 increments. This is an issue almost at every transition i make and I end up adjusting the pitch fader endlesly (i like to ride the pitch for practice frequently as vinyl practice). Also in turn you end up looking more at your laptop to check why they're drifting since you can't see that information on the jogs. Never had these issues even in old cdj gear like cdj-200 you can beatmatch accurately and stay locked at 10% range.

From personal non scientific testing i found my ear precision to be 0.01 so is it possible via firmware update to modify the pitch fader resolution for 10% range to adjust in 0.01 increments?

Judging by older threads regarding pitch fader precision this should be possible. I remember an older thread with ddj rr or rb that also had some pitch fader issues that were addressed via firmware update.

To summarize it all, is it possible to receive a firmware update for the ddj 1000 which will contain the following features:

a) display two decimal points on jog display for bpm [improvement]
b) match pitch fader percentage from jog with value from laptop screen [fix]
c) most important in my opinion, adjust the pitch fader movement precision for 10% range to adjust in 0.01 increments. [improvement]

Thank you in advance and sorry for the long post, i tried to be as clear as possible.

Razvan Dagadita

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