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Rekordbox wont detect USB on Mac (Catalina)

Hi I have problem with detecting USB in "Devices" on rekordbox 5.8.3
I bought new USB 32GB and formatted to FAT32 on MAC.
Rekordbox wont detect it. I have old USB 32GB in FAT32 and rekordbox detected it.
I am in export mode USB is formatted to  FAT32 but it still does not detect. Rekordbox is also updated for newest version. I checked all posts but there is no solution for my problem. Please can you help me with this problem?

Christian Rybár Répondu

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Did you allow rekordbox access to your removable devices? Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Folders (on the left) then tick the box beside removable devices below rekordbox on the right.

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