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rekordbox 5.8.3 and ddj-1000 latency issue

I've been using my DDJ-1000 for quite some time and although ive had a few buffer problems in the past (probably because i had it set to the standard) this one is incredibly ridiculous. When i play my songs thru rekordbox, it starts to have a crackling/clipping noise that is very noticable in my speakers and headphones. I've turned off the sysmain/superfetch service on my pc, disable all background apps, turned off my wifi, uninstalled and reinstalled all drivers, firmware for my ddj-1000, increased the buffer size to the max amount it can go to, swapped out my RCA and usb cables to make sure it was not a physical connection issue and uninstalled and reinstalled rekordbox and I still have this issue. Is anyone else experiencing this issue as well on any other unit? Please help 


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is your controller directly connected to your computer  or via a usb-hub?

it's better to connect directly to computer   and not use any usb-hubs

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