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I don't use all the FX avaible in Rekordbox. Is it possible to hide some of them in the software, like Serato does? I don't like to push any button on my computer when I'm on the fly, but I need to press "shift + button FX" to many times to achieve the FX I want, when I need change the FX type. To hide some FX would be very helpful for me. Someone? Thanks for your time.
Plinio Rozani Zeca Nabis

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So you want to remove the actual effects from the drop down list?  If you set the effects to what you want, then unclick the FX button, you can still use them without seeing them.  As to removing certain effects from the list, no.

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First of all, thanks for your answer and sorry for the late in my reply.

I suspected that; I tried hard, looking through all the menus many times before coming up with the question. Well, only left suggest to you guys to improve the software in this direction in some future update.

Let me explain why this is so important to me...

I got a DDJ RZ, when I bought it, in 2018, after long consideration, I chose this machine instead of DDJ 1000 because of the FX section, which is in "Serato style" in the DDJ RZ; that is, I have 2 FX sessions, one on the right and one on the left side, with up to 3 effects in each, and that I can assign the two sessions to any of the 4 channels, achieving a combo of up to 6 simultaneous effects plus the Colour FX, and believe me, sometimes I do that when I'm mixing.

My default effects are:
Sprial, echo, low cut echo... on the left.
Mobius, echo, low cut echo ... on the right.

Somethimes I want move "spiral echo" in the left for "mobius" and vice versa. Sometimes I like to use "phaser", "transform", "reverb" and "delay", replacing for any of 6 FX. For me, only 8 of 22 FX matters.

All the other effects just don't worth for me. To change the FX type in use, I need to click "shift" + "FX buttom" (one of the 6 FX buttons), and I need to keep clicking consecutively until I reach the desired effect. In Rekordbox we have 22 FX avaible in standard... For instance, to move "low cut echo" to "phase", I need to click 13 times. To move "spiral" to "mobius" I need at least 17 clicks. Sometimes I pass the FX (it's easy to get it wrong when you click a button so many times), and then I need 21 more clicks to bring back again.

For me, the worst thing to do is abandon navigation by the machine and use the track pad, this simply brake the magic flow when I'm on the fly. Disturbs me a lot during the mixing process, because I need to be realy quick in my progress along the trasitions. By the way, I set 12 hotcues in my keyboard, to separetely change the beat sync of each of 6 FX, for up or down; so, I can change the beat cycle of only a single FX without move the beat of the other 2 FX of wich section; this is the most I do without the controller... And the buttons are marked with gaffer tape in my keyboard to avoid mistakes.

I don't know if I was clear, but this option would significantly improve my experience. I hope someday you help the community with this "issue", I guess I'm not the only one that will apreciate that.

Thanks for now! Have a good weekend.



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