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How To Search Chinese Non-Brand Lighting Fixture from AtlaBase Library

If I have a Chinese light (non-branded, no name), How can I search it in AtlaBase library? Can I pick any light fixture with the same number of DMX channels and it will work? What happens if I just randomly pick a fixture in the library for it?Should I request for every non-brand fixture for pioneer to to add to AtlaBase? Won't that cause multiple duplicates in the atlabase library?  Is there such a manual on "how to find your fixture"??

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Check under GENERIC or search the internet to find a similar style fixture and then compare the DMX channel listing from the right side of the lighting window.

There are only duplicates when the functions are different. If, for example, two fixtures had only 2 channels of operation:

CH1 - Colour
CH2 - Dimmer

That's one profile, and both fixtures would point to that profile... but you don't need to worry about that, just look for the name of one of the fixtures (in your case, probably GENERIC).

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You can always request for a new fixture here in the rekordbox forum by providing every information you have available. we can then create the fixture for you or point you to one that is similar. We do check for duplicate fixtures when we have sufficient information.

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