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Lighting fixture request

We have recently purchased two RB DMX1 controllers. We are having problems getting it to work properly on instillation. Two U'King UFO Moving heads ZQ-B28 work as expected however another two of them in the row make opposing movements to the other two and even stop working during songs from time to time. They all are set to the same settings as each other and have the correct channels attributed. 


In addition, can you add U'King 60 Watt Moving Head RBGW light B280. We can not find that in the library. 


Furthermore, can you add the model number to the description of the lights in the pick lists. Some have them most do not. It makes it hard to find the correct light fixture without the model number. 

Allan Roberts Répondu

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Could you send us the complete manuals for those fixtures? Please take a look at this post.
We need a link to the product manual in order to complete your request.

Also, we are always adding the product number if that is available. Unfortunately, in many cases, it is not.

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

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