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SP-16 - Feature Request - cue / monitor on same channel as track output


I just purchased the toraiz sp-16 and I'm really happy with it. I'm extremely appreciative of the firmware updates. I first checked it out a few years ago but wasn't really right for me - the updates have made this machine a serious force to be reckoned with.

there's only one ux issue i've been bumping into. I use the sampler with the tracks assigned individually to all 8 dedicated outputs (e.g. track 1 -> output 1). however, since I'm not using the master channel, I can't preview samples through the outputs - only the headphone output.

would it be possible to preview samples on the same audio output as the track is assigned to? so if I want to preview something, I just pause what I'm working on and solo that track.

I guess the simple version would be to add an option to monitor tracks using the same output. the complex version would be to enable assignable monitor outputs for each tracks, but that's not really necessary.

thank you again for all of your work on the Toraiz SP-16!!!

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Hi j t,

Thank you for this valuable feedback. I understand what you're identifying and I agree it would be very helpful.  I will send a feature suggestion to the RnD team. I can't guarantee it will be implemented...but I agree with you that it would be a workflow improvement for sure.  Thank you again.


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