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Controlling 4 decks with two XDJ-RX/RX2 controllers

I was trying to get an XDJ-RX and an XDJRX2 to run 4 decks on rekordbox and with not much info online to help ive managed to figure it out. 

My initial Problem was that Rekordbox can only have 1 midi device plugged in. So I've used Bome's MIDI translator and routed the 2 devices through 1 virtual midi port. But having 2 of the same controllers (I was using 1 XDJ-RX and 1 XDJ-RX2) they send indentical midi messages. So I made the 2nd controller deck 3/4 and now it sends different messages accross all 4 decks.

I tried to find a MIDI Mapping of the 2 controller setup but to no avail, so I reluctantly mapped out the 4 decks myself.

Here is the one i did.



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The problem isn't that it can only have 1 MIDI device (you can run several), but the problem is it can only have one by the same name / MIDI channel, and further to that, rekordbox may get confused by the audio interfaces.

Glad you were able to get it figured out.

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