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Hot Cue presets possible?

Is there a possibility to preset all Hot Cues, so they always have the same name and color?

F.e. Hot Cue A = Always named with "Buildup" & has green color
B = Always "Drop" & Red

Means when I set Hot Cue A on every track it will always be green and named as "Buildup".

Currently I have to name the & set the color at every track 1 by 1 (means I always have to chose green color and write down "Buildup" for every track).....it would be realy helpful if I can preset Hot Cue Names & Color.

If it's already possible would be realy nice if you could explain me how to do that.

Thank you in advance.


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Within rekordbox, no sorry - but there are some 3rd party tools which can achieve this kind of thing for you.

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@Pulse Thanks for the fast response.

Can you name me one of this tools for Windows?

Or at least tell me how to google for it bcs I cant find anything like that (Maybe bcs English is not my native language and dont know how to search for this on english)

Thank you

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