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How to XDJ RX - > RMX1000 - > record

Hi, How can I record from my XDJ RX with RMX1000? There is no send/return on the RX
Sander Rueck

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You'd have to use an external recording device post-RMX-output.

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Sander Rueck > I am going to try a new option tonight. Here is my setup

HP Laptop
Behringer Xenix 8 channel mixer

Connect SX3 to laptop via USB1
Connect RMX-1000 to laptop via USB 2
Connect Behringer to laptop via USB 3
Behringer connects to Amp 

Using a virtual adapter or by capturing the audio from the Behringer on USB 3, you should have all channels in the output available to record. Anything form the RMX will of course still be over the master since any controller is lacking send/receive. Hopefully it works, but honestly, it should no problem. 

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