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Is the Focum Software Broken?

It's taken me about 10 mins or playing to be able to post this. I'm logged in it says it at the top but to post a comment reply or post its telling me to log in again. I tru but it goes to a 404 page. or takes me back to the https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us page.


Yesterday I was trying for ages to post using Chrome, but it worked on Firefox. Today firefox had loads of issues also but eventually I was able to log in.


Anyone else having these issues?

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Toss your cookies!

This issue is commonly because there is a bad value stored in a cookie, or security setting. First clear the cookies for:


You can also try clearing any cached data for those domains, but more than likely it's a privacy / security setting in your browser that may block 3rd party data (either cookies or cross-site data).

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