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Preformance section upside down - text inverted

I installed rekordbox 5.8.5 and the performance section is literally upside down:


I'm running it on a brand new Windows 8.1 installation, with all of the newest updates installed. I have 12GB of RAM, an Intel Core i7-7600U and definitely more than enough space left on my SSD.

I already tried reinstalling rekordbox (including deleting all files left over in %appdata% and other locations), twice,  which didn't work.

I already tried reinstalling Windows (not much of a hassle since it was a new install anyways), which also didn't work.

Installing the drivers of my DDJ-RR and connecting it to rekordbox also made no difference to the inverted layout of the performance section.

If I change to EXPORT or BROWSE the top section is still inverted.

Does anyone know what might be the cause of this? Of course I already googled for it but have found no instances of this occurring to other people.

Are there any UI configuration files I might check if they're broken? Maybe an XML file that builds the interface?

Can I download an earlier version of rekordbox somewhere and test with that?

Peter Müller

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