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using iTunes to manage music library and playlists in Rekordbox 6.0

I still use iTunes to manage my music library and playlists inside rekordbox 5.8.5.  Will I still be able to do this seamlessly in Rekordbox 6.0?  Will there be any other adverse effects to managing my music this way with RB 6.0?

Dustin Moye

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In theory this should be 100% fine.

There has been no major change in how iTunes & RB link up between V5 & V6. Working well for me, other than I'm having a minor bug with 6.0 not liking dragging and dropping playlist folders.


My bug FYI is that overwriting playlists within existing folders is not working how it should, however - individual playlists, and dragging and dropping new folders of playlists is absolutely fine.


Give it a test run!

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