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Rekordbox Mobile App Improvements

I'm liking the new mobile app v3 iOS.

My main mobile device is Android, would love support for a Rekordbox app that's compatible with Rekordbox v6. 

I also have an iPad Pro and it would be great if the Rekordbox app could make use of the extra screen real estate that a table device has.

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There are no plans for rekordbox on Android at this time due to device and OS fragmentation, and I'm hoping we'll have a universal app for iOS in future.

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Thanks Pulse.

I understand Android has fragmentation issues but I'd hoped that a Rekordbox app could target recent (and only recent) Android versions. I'd expect that most users of Rekordbox would be using recent devices and therefore up to date OS versions.

I've recently added the iPad Pro to my setup and did some analysis/cue point setting on it yesterday. Worked surprisingly well. Looking forward to any improvements future versions can bring.

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